Project Updates

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East & Russell Street Upgrade Works 

Starting 25 May 2020, Maranoa Regional Council's Construction Team will be commencing works in Wallumbilla on a project to upgrade the Heavy Vehicle Route along East Street and Russell Street.

The project will include:

  • Reconstruction and widening of East Street, between the Warrego Highway and Swans Road;
  • Reconstruction and widening of Russell Street, between Swans Road and Chadford Street (Wallumbilla North Road);
  • Upgraded stormwater drainage systems, including widened drains and additional under road culverts;
  • Renewal of existing water mains within Russell Street;
  • Upgrade of the Warrego Highway, Swans Road and Chadford Street intersections. 

For more information please click here. 

The East & Russell Street Project has been funded from the Queensland Government Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme and the resource sector.​​


Maranoa Regional Council wishes to advise Wallumbilla residents and motorists that East Street (north of the Warrego Highway) and part of Russell Street (between Swans Road and Chadford Street) in Wallumbilla will be temporarily closed to traffic starting today, 15 June 2020.

For all vehicle access to or from Wallumbilla North Road, a detour will be provided via Flinders Street and High Street. Additionally, Swans Road will be accessible via High Street and East Street, with traffic controllers present to assist with travel through the work site during work hours.

During the closure, traffic control and detour signage will be in place to assist motorists. Local access for property owners directly affected by these closures will be established through the work site. 

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Roma Flood Mitigation - Stage 2
​Stage 2A Update

Residents saw an increasing amount of activity in Roma in 2018 & 2019 with $6.5 million of additional flood mitigation under construction.

Following on from the completion of the Stage 1 levee, Council worked to secure funding and to finalise planning and other pre-construction activities for the next stage of flood mitigation in Roma. Stage 2A work included: 

  • Construction of a diversion channel (Eastern Diversion Channel) to the east of Bungil Creek;
  • An extension of the current levee (Western Levee) to the west of Bungil Creek.

Stage 2A has been designed to work in conjunction with Stage 1 to reduce the risk of above-floor flooding for properties in Roma, should a flood event similar to 2012 occur.  The estimated number of properties to benefit from the infrastructure are:

  • Stage 1 - 480 properties;
  • Stage 2A - an additional 51 properties.

The official opening of Stage 2A was held in March 2019. 


Given the size and value of the infrastructure, neither Stage 1 nor Stage 2A could have ever proceeded without the support of both the Federal and State Governments. Maranoa Regional Council acknowledges and appreciates their ongoing support for the project, including the following funding for Stage 2A:

$4.98 million Received from the Australian Government under the Commonwealth National Insurance Affordability Initiative.

$0.854 million Received from the Queensland Government under the Building our Regions fund.

$0.66 million Maranoa Regional Council contribution.​


Proactive Disclosure of Information – Hay Roma Dam

A number of residents have approached Council about concerns relating to the potential raising [not maintenance] of a dam following the 2012 Roma Flood Event, in particular about any possible effects on water flow and heights upstream of the dam.

Council officers have been liaising with the relevant agencies / organisations over an extended period of time and have assisted in their investigation of the matters raised, including onsite inspections and discussions.

The proposed proactive disclosure of information was tabled at the General Meeting held on 28 March 2018. The outcome from the meeting was that Council resolved as follows:

Resolution No. GM/03.2018/78


  1. Council authorise the Chief Executive Officer (or delegate) to proactively release:
  • Correspondence from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy about the results of their investigation;
  • Existing Council survey data – circa 2011 and 2016, specifically each of the files attached to the officer’s report (including the comparative data which collates the information into a readable format) and the 2016 survey file;
  • A copy of the letter and accompanying photos and graph as provided by Australian Country Choice Pty Ltd.
  1. The information be made available for residents who have directly approached Council on this matter, and on Council’s website for other members of the community.​

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Duke Street South Reconstruction Project 

 ​The Duke Street South Reconstruction Project is now complete and open to traffic.​ As part of the 2018/19 Capital Upgrade Program, Duke Street South (Roma Southern Road), Roma, was upgraded with the construction of an underground stormwater system, concrete kerb and channel and a 15.5m wide asphalt pavement, between Raglan Street (Warrego Highway) and Corfe Road.​

The Duke ​​Street South Reconstruction Project, with a total cost of $2,810,692, is a joint initiative between Maranoa Regional Council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Australian Government's Roads to Recovery Program which provided $281,408. 

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The Bigger Big Rig

Maranoa Regional Council has received $1.23m in funding through the Queensland Government's Outback Tourism Infrastructure Fund for The Bigger Big Rig Project.

The Bigger Big Rig Project will construct an observation tower that will feature highlights of Outback Queensland while visitors travel to its top. Also included is a Tree Walk Project which will include a 150 metre tree walk beginning at The Big (Emsco) Rig and across the existing Oil Patch Museum into the native vegetation along the Bungil Creek, linking to the culturally significant Adungadoo Pathway.

It is expected that the new Bigger Big Rig and Tree Walk will increase visitation to The Big Rig and Roma Visitor Information Centre by over 50% once the construction is complete. This growth will directly generate ongoing jobs and it is estimated that it will result in approximately $3.3m being injected in the Maranoa economy through visitors' overnight expenditure.

The Bigger Big Rig and Tree Walk Project will begin in June 2019 and construction will follow in 2020.​

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Roma Saleyards Multi-Purpose Facility Project

A new era is on the horizon for Australia's largest cattle selling centre, the Roma Saleyards with the construction of the Multi-Purpose Facility now in full swing.

This exciting new project will include a new stud stock selling arena with state of the art audio visual facilities making it a standout feature for all stud stock sales and a multi-purpose facility featuring an interpretive centre. The centre will highlight the history of the cattle industry and the saleyards. The facility will also include a canteen, kitchen, multi-purpose room, carpark, elevated walkway, decking and ramps as well as landscaping and terracing.

The Roma Saleyards has held the title of Australia's largest cattle selling centre for many years, and in 2019 that title still remains, as the facility continues to be one of the jewels in the crown of the Maranoa. The Saleyards and beef industry are entrenched in Roma's history and play a key part in the region's economic growth.

Over the last five decades, infrastructure has been upgraded to keep up with the ever growing cattle industry. The most recent project completed was the Saleyards Improvement Plan Stage 1 to improve the efficiency and productivity of processing cattle through the facility and a 24/7 United truckstop.

In its first year of operation, 1969, the Roma Saleyards saw a throughput of 56,251 cattle through the yards, however in more recent years the saleyards has seen 300,000 to 400,000 head of cattle processed annually. 

Funding for this project has been provided by the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund program ($3,961,482), the Queensland Government under Building our Regions ($3,698,983), Saleyards Reserves ($324,855) and the balance from Maranoa Regional Council.​