Gas Gas

Natural Gas

Maranoa Regional Council is the local supplier for a reticulation gas network for Roma residents and businesses. Read more.

Gas Connections

Maranoa Regional Council is able to supply natural gas to residents and businesses in Roma, if located near the current gas network. Read more.

Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate

The Queensland State government and Maranoa Regional Council provide a rebate to Queensland pensioner and seniors card holders that have a reticulated natural gas account.  Read more.

Gas Suppliers

Maranoa Regional Council supplies gas to most properties within the Roma town boundary. Read more.

Gas Tariffs

The pricing system for the reticulated natural gas network consists of a monthly access charge and a charge per mega-joule consumption. Read more.

Standard Gas Sale Contract

View the contract by clicking here. For more information or assistance please phone Council on 1300 007 662. 

Click here to learn more about your Natural Gas supply.