Basset Park Master Plan Basset Park Master Plan


The Bassett Park Master Plan was endorsed by Council at their General Meeting held on 11 December 2013.

The Master Plan, which was initiated by Council to revitalise the region's largest sporting and recreational facility, was developed by MAK Planning and Design after input from the community.

Council would like to thank the Bassett Park Master Planning Advisory Group and community members for their feedback during the consultation period.

Download the Bassett Park Master Plan and Preliminary Order of Cost Estimate for further information.

A detailed concept design has also been developed to advance several elements of the Bassett Park Master Plan, being the deck, grandstand and Maranoa Events Centre.  This was adopted by Council at their General Meeting held on 10 June 2015.  The design will be used to support grant applications and Council budget decisions and provide ideas for further development of the area.


Bassett Park in Roma is the region's largest recreational facility. The venue is used for a number of private and public events throughout the year, including race meets, camp drafts, rodeos, rugby league and rugby union games, as well as the annual Roma Show.

The 40 year old facility's infrastructure and layout needed reviewing; considerable maintenance costs and significant growth in the Maranoa have resulted in a heightened need for a modernised facility in Roma.

To secure the precinct as a multipurpose entertainment, sporting and recreational facility and advance the region's sport and recreational opportunities, Council engaged consultancy firm MAK Planning and Design to develop a Master Plan for Bassett Park.

This Master Plan provides Council with a plan to develop and maintain the precinct and its services to ensure the existing and future needs of both the Roma and wider Maranoa communities are met.

Creating the Master Plan involved a significant level of consultation with Councillors, Council staff, the Bassett Park Master Planning Advisory Group, sport and recreation groups and the general community. This consultation explored the specific wants, needs and future plans of the community and user groups.