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Animal ControlOwning a pet can provide great companionship however deciding to become a pet owner also means you take on responsibilities not only towards your pet, but to other community members in a way that the animal is controlled and behaves.

A well loved and trained animal is not likely to become a nuisance to any person. Both Council and residents have responsibilities to ensure pets and humans can live in harmony.

Responsibilities of Council

Authorised officers are appointed by Council to control animal management issues within the region.

Such officers are authorised to:

  • Seize and impound animals wandering at large.
  • Declare dangerous dogs.
  • Investigate complaints including nuisance and dog attacks.
  • Issue notices and fines (SPER) to identified non-compliant animal keeper/carer.
  • Issue destruction orders in accordance with Local Law/Legislation.
  • Entry onto land in certain circumstances.
  • Educate community member through special events, education material, school visits.

Responsibilities of the Owner/Carer

  • If your cat or dog is three months or older, it must be registered with the local government of the area.
  • Your animal is not to create a nuisance to others, such as barking and/or behaviour that may cause fear to a person or another animal.
  • Your animal must not wander off your land without being under a persons effective control.
  • You must walk your animal on a lead when in a public place.
  • If your animal defecates in a public place you must clean up and dispose of in a sanitary manner.
  • Ensure the general welfare of your animal at all times.
  • Microchip appropriately if you are selling or giving your animal to another person.

Responsibilities of Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI)

Biosecurity Queensland is the lead agency for animal welfare in Queensland. They develop, monitor and enforce animal welfare policy, legislation and standards, as well as educating the community about animal welfare. They handle complaints about hobby farms and companion animals.

To report an animal welfare issue, please contact DEEDI on 1300 852 188 or visit

Please be aware that anonymous complaints may not be investigated and it is an offence to make a vexatious or hoax complaint.

Responsibilities of Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)

It is the responsibility of DERM to care for nuisance, sick, injured and orphaned wildlife and relocate them to other areas. To locate a wildlife carer or relocator, please contact DERM on 1300 130 372 or visit


After hours emergency animal control situations are to be reported on 1300 007 662. Please note this phone number is strictly for after hours emergencies only i.e. dog attacks and roaming stock.

All complaints relating to barking dogs, wandering dogs etc. do not constitute an emergency and will be dealt with on the next working day of Council.


Complaints can be submitted via Council's customer service centres on:
P: 1300 007 662
In person: At your nearest customer service centre.