Queensland Waste Levy

​​​The Queensland Government is introducing a levy on waste going to landfill at $75 per tonne for general waste, $155 per tonne for Category 1 regulated waste and $105 per tonne for Category 2 regulated waste beginning 1 July 2019.

Queensland sends 55% of its waste to landfill and is the only mainland state without a waste levy, which is being introduced to increase recycling and resource recovery.

Businesses are encouraged to look at how they can reduce waste, separate waste streams and recycle more to help reduce waste disposal costs.

The levy will not affect the cost of residents putting out their kerbside wheelie-bins. 

Residents are encouraged to boost their recycling efforts by finding out what recycling opportunities are available in their local government area.

Additional information:

For more information about the Queensland Levy please visit www.qld.gov.au/waste-disposal-levy or contact Council’s Waste Service Team on 1300 007 662.